So, the Revolver Golden Gods awards are done and it was a a fairly awesome evening (for me anyway.) By now you've heard about the winners, so I wanted to give you a run down of what happened on the black carpet before the show. I was fortunate to interview celebrities, nominees and performers as they made their way across the carpet into the venue. I got there early and got my camera and sound guys set up in order to be ready for the 5PM kickoff.

Here's the funny thing about a start time for events like this: NOBODY wants to be the first to show up. Nobody wants to act all excited and be the first person there. It's not cool. Anyway, people eventually started trickling in around 5:45 and by 6:15 it was a total madhouse. At one point the Fire Marshall decided that out of the 1,409 artists mobbing the black carpet, I was the one who needed to be on the other side of the barricades in the photo pit so I moved two feet and he went back to holding up the wall with his ass. No biggie. He hassles me every year and I have somehow become a target for him. It's probably because I have a bit of a problem with authority and have mouthed off to him in the past. Oh and apparently I am a fire hazard.

I got to interview a ton of legendary artists such as Alice Cooper, Chuck Billy, Dee Snider, Andrew Dice Clay, Lita Ford, Ace Frehley, Zakk Wylde and many more. As you'll see from pics & videos (as they're posted), the place was chaotic and at any given time there were rock 'n' roll ICONS everywhere you looked. I don't know if Misfits axeman Doyle von Frankenstein was intentionally photo bombing or if he's so unique looking he just can't help but stand out but he seemed to be everywhere at once -- tough to blend in when you're 6'5" YOKED and your face looks like a skull I suppose. Frigging LOVE that guy. There was a stoked, positive vibe, and people were psyched to see Axl and Duff back on stage together with GN'R.

Once the black carpet festivities wrapped up, my official duties were done and the party really started. We filed into the venue just in time to catch surprise opener Slayer blast out a face melting three song set that included a brand new track called 'Implode.' They opened with 'South of Heaven' and when those first riffs rang out, the crowd lost their s--t and you could tell it was the beginning of a special night.

You'll read reports elsewhere of persistent technical glitches, Axl's voice not being up to par, etc., but the fact is putting an event together with this many moving parts, performances, and artists is never going to come off without a hitch and that's actually part of the excitement.

After Slayer, I grabbed a cocktail and grabbed a seat in the VIP lounge -- people watching at these events never disappoints! George Lynch bro-ing down with the ZZ Top dudes, Max Cavalera's booming laugh from across the room, Richie Sambora (what up Jersey!) graciously accepting photo opps, Ace Frehley looking dapper as Hell and presiding over a corner of the lounge like the Rock & Roll Made Man he is -- all of it was just surreal.

After a couple of hours (and a few sweet and fruity cocktails) we made our way back in for Axl's induction and GN'R's show closing set. Axl was introduced by Andrew Dice Clay and Nicolas Cage, both of whom were in top form. Dice was dignified and very matter of fact in his presentation, and Nicolas Cage went Full Nicolas Cage with his speech. Think 'Wild At Heart' era Nic Cage but not quite meltdown level Nic Cage.

Through no fault of their own, the band took at least another 30 minutes to hit the stage but seeing Duff bang out GN'R classics alongside Axl again was a treat. A couple of hours later I was already reminiscing with friends over late night diner grinds -- thanks to all involved for such a fun evening. Except for you, Mr. Fire Marshall.

Photos of Full Metal Jackie and Friends at the Revolver Golden Gods

Alice Cooper
The Pretty Reckless
Arch Enemy
Linkin Park
Bam Margera
Cherie Currie/Lita Ford
Andrew Dice Clay
Andrew Dice Clay/Doyle Photobomb
Rex Brown
Zakk Wylde
Ace Frehley
Five Finger Death Punch
Jill Janus/Blake Meahl of Huntress
Tommy Victor
Kirk Windstein
Bumblefoot of Guns N' Roses
James Michael/Sixx:A.M
Dee Snider
Guns N' Roses
Five Finger Death Punch/FMJ