Hail the Sun have enjoyed a steady climb over the past decade as one of post-hardcore's most promising bands. Never ones to be pigeonholed, the group isn't afraid to pull from a variety of influences and their latest album, New Age Filth, is one of their most diverse yet. In advance of the April 16 street date, we tasked guitarists Shane Gann and Aric Garcia with providing a deeper dive into the bands that often defy description that impacted their approach to their latest offering,

Gann and Garcia share, "We all love categories, compartments, and clear lines — they help to keep us from going insane. But when something skates between the lines, exists outside the box, or embraces several categories at once, often we love it equally, or even more than anything else."

They continued, "Our band, Hail the Sun, enjoys blurring genre lines and drawing jagged ones, since that’s sort of how the vibes tend to move while we’re writing. Here are 10 genre-defying bands we agree have pervaded our writing through the years; now you’ll know what to listen to see what shaped our upcoming album, New Age Filth."

The band is already off to a hot start with the songs "Made Your Mark" and "Parasitic Cleanse" and you can pre-order the New Age Filth album at this location.

Join Hail the Sun's Shane Gann and Aric Garcia as they share 10 genre-defying bands that inspired the New Age Filth album below.

Hail the Sun, New Age Filth Artwork

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10 Genre-Defying Bands That Inspired Hail the Sun's 'New Age Filth'

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