Umbrella Academy, the Netflix adaptation of My Chemical Romance heartthrob Gerard Way's comic series, has received two Emmy nominations.

The series, which follows a dysfunctional group of familial superheroes who reunite after the death of their adoptive father, dies, was nominated for its first and last episode of Season 1.

"We Only See Each Other At Weddings and Funerals," the season opener, was nominated for Outstanding Production Design For a Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour or More). On the back end, Episode 10, "The White Violin," scored a nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

We'll find out if Umbrella Academy secures a victory or two on Sept. 22 when the 71st Primtetime Emmy Awards airs on Fox, starting at 8PM ET.

Celebrating the nominations, Umbrella Academy tweeted a brief video meme, which can be seen below.

"Being in a band is like being in a dysfunctional family and all these personalities are really distinct and really big, not just the people in your band, but the people you meet on the road or the crew," Gerard Way told Rolling Stone of his inspiration behind the series' characters.

"A band, especially, is a dysfunctional family," he went on, "so there's little bits of me in all the characters, there's bits of some of the guys in some of those characters and the different roles that we would play in the band and how those roles would change sometimes. We were in a big pressure cooker of fame and notoriety and the characters experience that in the comic and the show."

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