On May 4, Ghost kicked off their U.S. tour with an intimate show in Hollywood, treating fans to two new songs, "Danse Macabre" and "Faith." The following night marked the first proper night of the trek and the band used it as an opportunity to bring two more new tracks to the set: "Miasma" and "Pro Memoria."

"Miasma," heard above, is an instrumental track rife with opulent melodies, triumphant chord progressions and even a saxophone solo courtesy of Papa Nihil. The song maintains the eerie yet still bright feeling Ghost have so brilliantly mastered over the last eight years.

Meanwhile, "Pro Memoria" takes on a more theatrical nature, opening with a light piano passage and backing choir as Cardinal Copia's silky voice imbues a rock opera vibe. The Prequelle track plods on at a steady pace, lightly intensifying but never reaching an explosive moment and is a deceptive tension builder.

In total, Ghost performed five new songs including the ones mentioned above in addition to the opening into "Ashes" and the lead single, "Rats." Head here to see a list of remaining tour dates and look for Prequelle to be released on June 1. The album serves as a new chapter in the Ghost saga as the band has killed off the Papa Emeritus bloodline, though their embalmed bodies will be displayed on the current tour.

Ghost, "Pro Memoria"

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