At a recent performance at U.K.'s Bloodstock Festival, Ghost enlisted a choir composed of the Belper Junior Musical Theatre to assist with their song "Monstrance Clock."

Given the theatrical elements of Ghost's live performance, it's not surprising to see the group enlist a new choir to help them with the backing parts of "Monstrance Clock." The young singers perform admirably, nailing the group-sung elements of the songs, adding a new layer to the track's epic feeling. This isn't the first time the band tapped a choir to assist in songs. Last May, they brought out a choir that included Fia Kempe from The Great Discord, who showed up during their home performance in Finland.

Ghost frontman Papa Emeritus, a.k.a. Tobias Forge, has been in the news lately, speaking about the band's recent successes. He's grateful for the "mentorship" that some of his favorite bands have shown him, saying, “Luckily, playing shows with bands, I’ve also had the great pleasure of being mentored by some of my favorite bands in the world, who’ve been very, very nice and very supporting; Metallica, obviously Iron MaidenFoo Fighters — they’ve definitely all made myself and the band and the crew really feel, like, welcome. I’ve always been [feeling welcomed], for as long as I’ve been doing this, especially because I was given a good hand somewhat later than, I guess, most other bands starting out when they’re 20, and they screw everything up and they wake up seven years later: ‘What happened?’ Whereas I was close to 30 when we started touring.”

Forge has also spoken about what's in store for the group's next album. “Having in mind that the previous record was about the absence of God or the absence of deities, this new one is going to be about the return of God,” the musician said. “You know, God’s wrath cast upon the suffering humans, so it will be a little bit more biblical in that sense, which in turn makes it darker, a little bit more apocalyptic, I think. That’s basically what I can tell you about it right now.”

Hear "Monstrance Clock" above!

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