After the announcement a few weeks ago that the "Voice of Rock" Glenn Hughes would be releasing Resonate on Nov. 4, we're now getting a taste of the album. Check out the video for the album's debut single "Heavy" above.

The mid-tempo track "Heavy" is packed with hooks, and when asked about the song, Hughes says, “It's time to bust out the big grooves."

You'll notice the drummer in the video looks a lot like Will Ferrell, but it's longtime Hughes collaborator Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Smith also appears on the song "Long Time Gone."

Hughes talks about the album in the video below. Smith is also interviewed, and says, "We know each other so well musically; obviously personally, but musically, and it's always fun because playing with Glenn Hughes, (because) like any real artist, is always trying to grow and change and do new things."

Smith continues, "We have this musical telepathy that happens only when you play and know someone for many years, and that's what a good creative collaboration is all about. I love Glenn Hughes and he's an amazing human being."

Hughes' backing band on his first solo album in eight years includes guitarist Soren Andersen, drummer Pontus Engborg and keyboardist Lachlan ‘Lachy’ Doley.

Resonate will be available in numerous configurations including vinyl and a deluxe edition with a bonus track and DVD. Pre-orders are available via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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