In September 2016, Swedish hard rock band Graveyard broke up after releasing four albums between 2007 and 2015. But they didn’t stay buried for long; On Jan. 26, 2017, Graveyard announced they were reforming and they got right back into the game. The band has just released the video “Please Don’t” from its comeback album, Peace, which is scheduled for release on May 25.

“As you may know, we've been doing some traveling lately, in many ways and on many levels,” said the band in a statement. “The good thing is that we brought back a few things for you all. Here's a first souvenir from the road to Peace.”

The video for “Please Don’t” features a mock peace conference attended by the formally dressed band members and a bunch of stuffy looking businessmen. As the officials display charts depicting economic and political data, the musicians doodle on sheets of paper instead of taking notes. At one point, an old man inexplicably pulls a veil off a container to reveal an urn with a cross decorating the lid. Then things get weird.

An old businessman is shown attached to an IV drip, the conference participants eat a lavish meal while poring over a notebook containing information on “makeup trends and funeral fashion” and a dead guy in a coffin gets a jump-start from a car battery. The last minute of the video features images of Graveyard performing the doomy, bluesy power rock number.

The current Graveyard lineup features new drummer Oskar Bergenheim, who replaced co-founder Axel Sjöberg. Check out the track listing for Graveyard's Peace below.

Graveyard, Peace Artwork Track Listing

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

01. It Ain't Over Yet
02. Cold Love
03. See The Day
04. Please Don't
05. Del Maniac
06. The Fox
07. Walk On
08. Bird Of Paradise
09. A Sign Of Peace
10. Low (I Wouldn't Mind)

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