It's been a few years since Greek Fire started their EP project, Lost and Found, but they're about to return in a big way. The band is teaming up with Loudwire to exclusively bring you their new video for "The Ride," which kicks off a flurry of new music that includes the new set, Orientation, as well as a PledgeMusic campaign for their upcoming disc, Broken, which is expected early next year.

The Jordan Phoenix and Ben Vogelsang-directed video for "The Ride" is set in a school, centering on a tormented teacher while the band plays on the basketball court of the gymnasium. Unable to get through to his students, things don't change for the teacher until he gains confidence strapping on his guitar. Watch the clip for the infectious, high-energy rocker above.

The band tell us of their upcoming music, "We are thrilled to share so many songs with our incredible Greek Fire Family and the rest of the world! Orientation is fun, energetic, riffy, soaring and thrilling. It’s a perfect Greek Fire reintroduction to the world... Broken is an emotional segue between Lost and Found and explores so many emotions. In the end, it sees the light at the end of the tunnel. After being knocked down, counted out, hurt and lonely, we saw the light and came out of the rain. That’s what this record is about. Finding ourselves in it all.”

The track listings for both albums can be found below, and for those interested in picking up "The Ride," it's available on the Orientation disc which is arriving as a surprise release today. Head to iTunes to get it now.

Meanwhile, you can look for the Broken set to arrive in February of 2019. A PledgeMusic page for the disc is launching today and can be found here.

Stay up to date on all of Greek Fire's activity via their website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.

Greek Fire, Orientation Track Listing:

1. The Ride
2. One Girl
3. Running Away
4. Diana’s Car
5. Abandon Ship

Greek Fire, Broken Track Listing:

1. What’s Left
2. I Do
3. Wait It Out
4. Just a Little Is Enough
5. Coming Out of the Rain
6. True Colors
7. Across the Sea
8. I Don’t Wanna Leave This Place
9. If This Is the End (The Sound of Belief)

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