Congrats to Green Day! It was a big opening week for the trio, who just became only the third act in Billboard's Nielsen BDS-based Rock Songs chart to debut at No. 1.

The song that accomplished the feat was 'Oh, Love,' the lead single from the '¡Uno!' portion of their album trilogy. Billboard reports that the track made 13 million first-week audience impressions with a 145 radio stations reporting on the track.

The only other two songs to accomplish a No. 1 debut were Linkin Park's 'The Catalyst' back in Aug. 2010 and the Foo Fighters' 'Rope' in March 2011.

For singer Billie Joe Armstrong, the chart-topping debut has to be an especially satisfying start for the group. The singer recently stated the trepidation he felt throughout the process not only debuting a wealth of new material, but even attempting an album trilogy in this day and age.

He explained, “I’m not going to conform to some consumer need. I believe people want to hear this kind of music, that people want to hear records that have a story. Or maybe they don’t, I have no idea. I want to write killer songs, but I want them threaded together and to speak to each other within an album, which in this case is basically inside three albums.”

The '¡Uno!' album arrives in stores Sept. 25, followed by '¡Dos!'' on Nov. 13, with '¡Tre!'' rounding out the run Jan. 15.

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