The original idea of punk music was anti-establishment, and for Green Day, they continually bucked the rules en route to deciding upon an album trilogy for their next release(s).


Singer Billie Joe Armstrong says the idea started to formulate last summer when they played a surprise show in Costa Mesa, Calif., and went against the grain by holding off all of their hits until the encore, letting their new music serve as the body of the show. He tells Billboard, "We went and played 20 songs that no one had ever heard -- in a row. And with no plan of a record even coming out. That was terrifying. It reminded me of the times we played in front of crowds that had never heard us before -- nothing was familiar. There was nothing being marketed. It was really exciting and it made me want to throw up with fear at the same time."

Armstrong says that after the initial positive response, they were energized to complete the wealth of music they were creating, but then another issue came up with how to offer so much music.

"I'm not going to conform to some consumer need. I believe people want to hear this kind of music, that people want to hear records that have a story. Or maybe they don't, I have no idea," says Armstrong. "I want to write killer songs, but I want them threaded together and to speak to each other within an album, which in this case is basically inside three albums."

The singer says that putting out a double or even a triple album in this day and age didn't seem likely, but they were proud of the music and felt that it all tied together in three distinctive volumes.

Armstrong says he was just joking with his wife that the albums should be called 'Uno,' 'Dos,' and 'Tre,' but she felt it was actually kind of brilliant and the idea stuck.

Now, all three albums, '¡Uno!,' '¡Dos!,' and '¡Tré!' will challenge the traditional release system and will arrive Sept. 25, Nov. 13, and Jan. 15, respectively.