Ever turn on the radio, hear a new song and swear that you've heard it before? So have the fine people over at indie rock site Diffuser.fm. With inconceivable amount of music written each year, there are bound to be songs that will sound exactly something else, whether intentional or not. Diffuser.fm decided to make a compilation of songs that sound the same, with Green Day as their subject of choice.

One track Diffuser.fm focused on is the Green Day hit 'Warning,' which sounds strangely similar to the 1968 Kinks track 'Picture Book.' When both songs kick in, you'll surely feel a sense of deja-vu as the similar instrumental and vocal progressions play a game of follow the leader.

It isn't only other rock songs that sound like Green Day. What if we were to tell you that Green Day's '21 Guns' sounded just like the 'Full House' theme song? It may sound absurd, but when played back-to-back, it'll will certifiably melt your head.

The article doesn't just focus on songs written before their long lost Green Day twins. Diffuser.fm has pulled even more songs released after Green Day tracks, which also sound eerily similar.

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