Is Green Day getting more danceable?

According to frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, that was a driving factor for the veteran rockers during the making of Father of All Motherfuckers. That's the band's thirteenth studio album that hits this Friday (Feb. 7).

After all, the group has made it clear that the titular "Father of All…" is most certainly not about President Trump.

Indeed, although listeners might have expected Green Day to tackle the current state of U.S. politics, Armstrong told Spin Tuesday (Feb. 4) that the theme seemed "too obvious" for the band. Asked if the album represents an escape from the news cycle, however, the musician spoke to the idea of making music one could dance to.

"Yeah, I think this whole record the point was to make Green Day more danceable," Armstrong replied. "So songs like 'Meet Me on the Roof' or 'Father of All,' those are the two songs I think of…"

He continued, "The first video we made for this we were showing all of these different images of people dancing, whether it was kids break dancing or kids doing a 'wall of death' [mosh] and just sort of that common natural instinct with beats that make people want to move."

But why wouldn't the outfit behind 2004's Iraq War-contesting American Idiot want to confront the Trump administration within the scope of their new album?

"There's so much toxic shit in the ether right now," Armstrong added. "I didn't want to write songs that would contribute to that. So, for us, it was like, 'Okay, instead of doing some opus or something like that, let's find a new direction we haven't gone into.'"

Instead, Green Day dug deep into some danceable influences such as T. RexLittle RichardMott the Hoople and Martha and the Vandellas, the frontman revealed. That gave birth to singles such as the expletive-emblazoned title track, "Fire, Ready, Aim" and the recently released "Oh Yeah!"

Subsequently, fans can put on their dancing shoes when Green Day hit the road for the "Hella Mega Tour" this summer that finds the act joining forces with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Get concert tickets here.

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