The name Green Jelly might ring a bell for rock fans up on their '90s one-hit-wonder trivia.

The bizarre collective that plays crude comedy rock had their 15 minutes of fame in 1993 with "Three Little Pigs," a heavy metal version of the classic fairytale that hit No. 17 in the U.S. Fast forward 28 years later, and the group returns this summer with their first new LP in over a decade, Garbage Band Kids.

The album arrives June 11 from Cleopatra Records, and its first single, "Punk Rock Pope," is available to hear now. But there's much more in store on the 17-track album sprinkled with guest spots from "Weird Al" Yankovic and members of Suicidal Tendencies, the Dwarves, Piledriver, Fishbone, Kittie, Hacksaw Jim Duggin, stars from Trailer Park Boys and Wink Martindale.

Garbage Band Kids also sports some eye-catching (and interactive, via the AR app Artvive) album art which, as one might guess, takes after the often nauseating graphics found on the classic Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. It was inked by one of the original creators of the series, no less. Look closely to find artwork representing each song on the album, the type of visual bonus Green Jelly fans now expect from the act whose schtick has always been indebted to vintage comic books and bold graphic styles.

Garbage Band Kids is no ordinary album in how it was recorded, either. "This is the first album in music history to be recorded by the fans, for the fans!" bandleader Bill Manspeaker said in a press release — Green Jelly fans from around the world pitched in to help bring the songs together.

Further, it appears the collection contains a re-recording of "Three Little Pigs."

Green Jelly (formerly Green Jello) haven't released an album since 2009's Music to Insult Your Intelligence By. Before that, they followed 1993's Cereal Killer Soundtrack (the album that contains the band's original "Three Little Pigs") with 1994's 333. Pre-orders for Garbage Band Kids can be found at Below, listen to "Punk Rock Pope" and see the album cover and tracklisting.

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Green Jelly, "Punk Rock Pope"

Green Jelly, Garbage Band Kids Artwork + Tracklist

This is the album cover for comedy metal band Green Jelly's 2021 album, 'Garbage Band Kids.'
Cleopatra Records

1. "Pukebox"
2. "Silence of the Squarepants"
3. "Punk Rock Pope"
4. "Fuxk It"
5. "Boy Who Cried Wolf"
6. "Drinking Song"
7. "Back Alley Dentist"
8. "Champion"
9. "333"
10. "Hey Hey Hey"
11. "Beat My Meat"
12. "Weirdo" [CD only]
13. "Freetoe Feet" [CD only]
14. "Ballad of Green Jellÿ" [CD only]
15. "Three Little Pigs"
16. "Mægnus Ærena"
17. "Holyman Back" [CD only]

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