Guns N' Roses have issued a post on their Facebook page regarding the lateness of their set times. Essentially, W. Axl Rose and co. reminded fans that this is rock 'n' roll, not the church choir and that with this lifestyle comes late concerts and wild nights. So if you've got an 11 PM curfew or bed time, this is probably not the show for you and you're S.O.L. Take that, early-to-bed rockers!

The text of the band's ornery post is as follows, with a little quote from 'Welcome to the Jungle' utilized to make an effective point:

"Love it Hate it Accept it Debate it - You want 8 o'clock shows go find F-R-I-E-N-D-S or hit a cinema somewhere.. or you wanna be informed go catch the 10 o'clock news.. this is Rock N' Roll! Treat yourself don't cheat yourself thinking you're gonna go to school or work or whatever you "normally" do the next day. Oh and remember before you get high and never want to come down. "you can have anything you want but you better not take it from me!" This is Guns N'Roses and when the time is right the stage will ignite. Looking forward to sharing that with rockers soon!"

Rose is famous for his tardy performances, showing up and taking the stage as he pleases. Since he is his own boss, he doesn't seem to realize that not everyone can call out sick the day after a concert. You know, things like bills, mortgages and responsibilities abound!

Also, our friends at Yahoo! pointed out that Axl's physical appearance has changed again, as evidenced by photos from the band's Rock in Rio performance this past week. Axl, who gained weight, lost it and resorted to wearing corn-row style braids at one point, reportedly to mask his thinning locks, was looking a bit rounder and fuller, and less defined.

The shapeless, bright yellow trenchcoat wasn't doing much for the singer, either. He will turn 50 next February, so he's obviously no longer the young buck he once was, but this is not the best we've seen Axl look at this stage of his life.