Ghost in the machine? Perhaps! As Axl Rose took a seat at the piano in Houston, he was met with some unfamiliar sounds while delivering the epic Guns N' Roses classic, "November Rain," but the rocker laughed off the instrument woes and eventually powered through the performance with the occasional odd note.

As can be seen in the fan-shot video above, Rose starts off by playing the piano portion of the Derek and the Dominos classic "Layla" before transitioning into the familiar opening of "November Rain," but it's not long before higher pitched piano notes become part of the sound. The first comes in around the 4:24 mark and it becomes audibly more noticeable at the 4:35 mark. It's not long before Rose, with a smile on his face, says, "What the f--k is that?" with a laugh. He continues the song a bit further before stopping down, once again asking "What the f--k is that?" He asks his tech, "Can we stop it at least?," before confirming that the piano was "broken" and asking for suggestions.

Taking things in stride, Rose eventually started up the song again with a few more faulty notes ringing out. As the performance continues, you can see Axl smiling on occasion, shaking his head on others, and before the song's epic final act, he's heard stating, "I don't mind ghosts or gremlins, but they should probably learn the f--king song."

Despite the obvious instrument issues, Rose managed to calmly and humorously embrace the situation and finished the song before moving on in the set. Guns N' Roses are in the midst of their "Not in This Lifetime" tour. See the current dates on their itinerary here.

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