The Kobe Bryant tributes continued into the weekend, with Guns N' Roses using their platform Friday (Jan. 31) at one of sports' biggest events to salute the Los Angeles Lakers legend, who died in a helicopter accident on Jan. 26.

Prior to starting their staple cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," Axl Rose told the Miami audience, "The other night, coming home from rehearsal, I was, like, 'Is it just me or is that really weird?' It was this fog bank, like a thunder cloud over the trees. It was really white with a slight pink and this light coming off the ground. It was really weird. It looks formidable. By morning, apparently, it was much worse. That's what [Kobe Bryant's] helicopter flew through. It was pretty scary."

He then added, "I want to dedicate this to Kobe and his daughter and everyone on the flight and everyone in the families and everyone impacted by this terrible event."

The Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest concert was taking place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, where Kobe had played often as a visiting player at Miami Heat basketball games.

As the song rolled out, the video wall behind the band proceeded to run through slides of Bryant and his family, including his daughter Gigi who was also killed in the helicopter crash. Footage of the performance was posted by tour manager Del James on Twitter.

The show was also notable for the band's support act at the Super Bowl weekend event. Snoop Dogg apparently had a great set as well, and the two acts hit it off, posing for social media postings backstage. Have a look below:

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