The final battle of the Headbanger Region's first round is perhaps the highest-pitched matchup within the entire competition. Both albums in contention, which are fighting to be named the greatest ever in our 2013 March Metal Madness feature, also share the similarity of being released in 1987, so which album will advance into the seconds round?

Guns N' Roses' 'Appetite for Destruction' is easily one of the greatest debut albums in rock and metal history. Featuring 'Welcome to the Jungle,' 'Paradise City,' 'Mr. Brownstone' and 'Sweet Child o' Mine,' just for starters, Guns N' Roses' first album is a masterpiece. Add in the fact that it has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide, and there's no denying the place of 'Appetite for Destruction' in music history.

After legendary vocalist King Diamond left Merciful Fate, he could have just disappeared into oblivion, but his talent was able to stand on its own with the classic concept record 'Abigail.' The tale of 'Abigail' takes place in a spooky mansion during the year 1845. Seven mystical horsemen warn the male protagonist about Abigail, whose soul has entered the man's pregnant wife. The rest is a horror film on tape, which originally consisted of nine masterful tracks.

Guns N' Roses' 'Appetite For Destruction' or King Diamond's 'Abigail? Vote for your favorite album in the poll below!

(This poll will end on Monday, March 18 at 11:59 PM EST. Fans are able to vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite album wins!)

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