Over the last few weeks, Megadeth have been dropping more and more clues about their upcoming new album and single, and YouTuber Shawn McNair has pieced together some of these teaser clips in an attempt to recreate what he believes their new song will sound like.

Dave Mustaine officially confirmed that the new album is called The Sick, the Dying and the Dead in a recent Cameo video, where he's been sharing a lot of other hints about their endeavors as well — such as who their new "mystery bassist" is, who'll now appear on the record instead of David Ellefson.

But the rocker also posted a couple of snippets of music, including a heavy riff, so McNair decided to try and use them to get an idea of what the title track will sound like.

"At the time I'm recording this — at least to my knowledge — there's been three riffs that've been previewed from the upcoming Megadeth album, mostly from Dave Mustaine's Cameo," McNair said at the start of his video. "So what I thought I would do is work out and play those riffs, add some drums and bass to it, solo over it in both the style of Kiko [Loureiro] and Dave and see what a new Megadeth song could sound like."

The musician noted that he isn't sure whether or not the riffs Mustaine has been teasing are from the same song or if they will appear on the album at all, but he wanted to experiment nonetheless.

Hey, it's a lot cooler than a typical mash-up video. We'll take it. Check out what he came up with below.

Shawn McNair - New Megadeth Song Out of Teaser Clips

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