One of our favorite moments in Loudwire's history is when GWAR leader Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) gave a hilarious and very NSFW reading of Goodnight Moon. While browsing through our video archives, we found a portion of Oderus' reading of the classic children's book which was never released, and we're sharing it with you right now.

Sadly, Dave Brockie passed away from a heroin overdose just months after we posted his Goodnight Moon reading, which has since become the most popular video on our YouTube channel. Brockie had never even heard of Goodnight Moon before picking up the kids book, so without any knowledge of what he was about to browse through, Brockie was still able to twist the innocent book into the most horrendously offensive lullaby the world has ever known.

After Oderus' introduction of Goodnight Moon, the intergalactic overlord dove right into the story. However, Oderus actually went through a reading of the opening credits, mistaking it for part of the actual story. He also managed to grossly mispronounce names, reading the name of illustrator Clement Hurd as "Clemen Turd."

In loving memory of Dave Brockie, a truly brilliant and hilarious man we lost way too soon, check out  a little extra piece of Oderus Urungus' Goodnight Moon recital above. And see his viral original full reading of 'Goodnight Moon' below.

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