It has been more than a year since the passing of GWAR frontman Dave ‘Oderus Urungus‘ Brockie, and since his death there have been numerous tributes to the beloved rocker. The latest is from the Las Vegas group I.D.S.F.A., who have penned the song "The Genius That Was Oderus." Check out the NSFW lyric video above.

I.D.S.F.A. bassist Travesty says, “We wrote 'The Genius That Was Oderus' in memoriam of one of the most influential musicians to us. We have attended GWAR shows since we were teenagers. Oderus showed us that you can mix music, horror, gore and theatrics into one. He is the reason that I.D.S.F.A. is the band that is today."

Travesty continues, "We wanted to show our appreciation to everything Oderus did in the Shock Rock scene and we figured what better way to do that than in song – the way he would appreciate the most. He Will Be Missed, So Raise Your Fist!”

The lyrics of the song wax poetic with lines such as "He did offend, till the end / The man that did disgust us was the bohab known as Oderus." It goes on to say, "Disease, yes please / The man that walked amongst us was the genius known as Oderus."

The track can be downloaded via Amazon. 100 signed, numbered singles are also available for $25 as part of the IndieGoGo campaign the band has launched to fund the recording of a new album and short film project.

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