Hey Scumdogs! It's time to start preparing for the 6th Annual GWAR-B-Q bash. The band is ready to celebrate its 30th year on earth with an ear-busting, bone-crushing weekend that rivals no other. Go ahead and circle Aug. 14-16 on your calendars for this year's event at Hadad's Lake in Richmond, Va. and check out a trailer for the 2015 GWAR-B-Q above.

The event promises "30 food vendors, 20 bands and three stages … but only one port-a-potty." And it gives you a chance to check out all GWAR's merchandise, including GWAR beer, GWAR-B-Q sauce, GWAR-B-Q hot sauce, GWAR fluids, t-shirts, cigars … and blood. Concertgoers will see the Crypt of Chaos, the Rolling Wheels of Death skatepark, the bike lake launch and many more attractions.

Last year's event was a big one in GWAR-B-Q history as the band and fans said farewell to the late Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus), staging a Viking funeral for the metal god.

In other GWAR news, the band is traveling back in time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film Empire Records. You may remember the band appearing in a hallucination sequence with record store clerk Mark as he chowed down some "special" cake and ended up being sacrificed. If you haven't seen the clip, check out the video below.

GWAR will make an appearance during the film's anniversary celebration, taking place in Brooklyn, N.Y. from April 8-10. GWAR's Jizmak Da Gusha tells Brooklyn Vegan, "I can't wait for the album throwing contests in New York. Whatever happened to the Frisbee? Going back in time to Empire Records is way better than the future. The future sucks."

Watch GWAR in Empire Records

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