In late 2011, we sadly reported the tragic news of GWAR's lead guitarist Cory 'Flattus Maximus' Smoot passing away in his sleep on the band's tour bus. Just as unfortunate, we lost frontman Dave 'Oderus Urungus' Brockie last evening (March 23).

Brockie was truly one of a kind. An original member of GWAR, Brockie's Oderus Urungus persona became the voice, face and centerpiece of the intergalactic warmongers. Brockie's voice oozed with character while singing and cracking jokes, while his onstage antics, bizarre television appearances and interviews left us rolling with laugher.

This is a tribute to both Cory Smoot and Dave Brockie: two masterful scumdogs who helped lead GWAR into legendary territory, these are our 11 Greatest GWAR Moments.

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    Oderus Reads 'Goodnight Moon'

    We happily take credit for this one. During what would be Oderus' final video interview with us, we threw a copy of 'Goodnight Moon' in front of the alien creature and let him go to town. The pure magic that proceeded was completely improvised, and even better, Brockie had legitimately never heard of 'Goodnight Moon' before reading it aloud.

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    'Womb With a View' Killing Montage

    GWAR's stage show is one of the defining characteristics of the band - most notably the cartoonish violence inflicted on some of our favorite public figures. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson have all been maimed by GWAR, as have politicians including George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Hardcore fans often wear white shirts to GWAR shows to get them covered in multi-colored blood and guts, saving them as unofficial souvenirs. This video montage gives a glimpse into the chaos that is GWAR and showcases Cory Smoot giving one of his best shredding performances in 'Womb With a View.'

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    GWAR Visit Joan Rivers

    GWAR have finely crafted their assault on the American media for over 20 years. Members of the band, notably frontman Oderus Urungus, have appeared on 'Jimmy Fallon,' Fox's 'Red Eye' and most famously on 'Jerry Springer' -- which you'll see later in the list. In this side-splitting TV appearance from 1990, Urungus and Beefcake the Mighty take over 'The Joan Rivers Show.' For those who can't tell who is who, Joan Rivers is the one on the very left.

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    'Let Us Slay'

    In addition to creating one of metal's most infamous live shows, GWAR are also known for their over-the-top and stylistically unique music videos. 'Let Us Slay' was the first single from GWAR's 11th studio album, 'Lust in Space,' of which Cory Smoot was the head producer. 'Let Us Slay' is an awesome space-themed video and once again showcases some of Smoot's greatest guitar parts.

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    'Gor-Gor' Live at Wacken 2009

    Oderus Urungus fighting off an evil T-Rex on stage at Wacken? Yes, please! 'Gor-Gor' is a track from GWAR's classic 1992 album, 'America Must Be Destroyed.' As legend has it, Oderus Urungus' slaves were ordered to shoot up a dinosaur egg with crack after its discovery in Antarctica. The experiment was a success, creating the mighty T-Rex, 'Gor-Gor,' who terrorized the land of the free. Urungus obviously became tired of Gor-Gor's antics, as he impales his creation through the skull to the delight of tens of thousands of metalheads.

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    School's Out

    In one of the most successful and celebrated metal covers of all time, GWAR recorded their own version of Alice Cooper's signature, 'School's Out' for their 2006 album 'Beyond Hell.' The song was produced by both Cory Smoot and 'Strapping Young Lad' frontman Devin Townshend from Smoot's very own SlavePit Studios. Who wouldn't want GWAR to take over their school? If the answer is you, then kindly click the red X at the top of your browser and finish your homework.

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    Beavis and Butthead Watch 'Jack the World'

    Comedy legends Beavis and Butthead are surely grieving over the loss of Cory Smoot. GWAR has long been the duo's favorite band, having rocked out to both 'Jack the World' and 'Sick of You' on their MTV show. In the words of Beavis himself, "It's like, we have to watch TV for like, hours and hours and hours before you see this video, but it's like, when you do then it's all worth it."

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    'Bring Back the Bomb' with George Dub-ya

    GWAR are equal-opportunity offenders, but when "The Architect of Your Destruction," George W. Bush was in office, the decision to include him their act was a simple one. GWAR and Bush did however agree on one key issue, war and the destruction of the human race is priority number one. Despite this connection, GWAR chopped Bush's head off anyway to the Smoot-era track, 'Bring Back the Bomb.'

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    'Saddam A Go Go'

    'Saddam A Go Go' is a staple of any GWAR show and is one of the key songs of the band's 27-year career. Released as the opening track to GWAR's 1994 album, 'This Toilet Earth,' 'Saddam' gave GWAR increased notoriety and their highest charting album until 1997's 'Carnival of Chaos.' The video for 'Saddam A Go Go' includes highlights from the band's live shows and a lovely brass section that the whole family can enjoy.

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    Flattus Maximus Destroys Suburbia

    It feels only right to pay tribute to Cory "Flattus Maximus" Smoot by placing this hilarious video at No. 1. The scene is set in generic suburbia in a quaint, well-manicured cul-de-sac. As these upright citizens go about their day, Maximus invades their bubble of Americana, bringing destruction and disarray with him. Follow a day in the life of Flattus Maximus as he assists these suburbanites with tasks such as gardening, interior design and much, much more.

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    GWAR Feed Jerry Springer to Space Monster

    GWAR's 1997 appearance on 'Jerry Springer' is brilliant for an infinite number of reasons. Springer plays the part of the ethical citizen as various members of GWAR not only deliver laughs but take a concerned parent and the audience by surprise as they shut down their naysayers with an articulate and insightful debate. Although Springer took the offensive against GWAR, he had previously joined the band onstage, quickly to be devoured by one of GWAR's various space monster friends.

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