Greece's Hail Spirit Noir were among the most innovative groups of the 2010s and, in this new decade, they continue to leap forward. On the new song "Crossroads," which comes off the band's forthcoming fourth album, Eden in Reverse, it's evident they've completely made the leap from prog-minded black metal to full tilt prog metal.

The song features a guest appearance from Borknagar's Lars "Lazare" Nedland, whose booming, crystalline voice perfectly meshes over the barren, space-drifting passages as quirky electronic melodies and sci-fi riffage weave in and out of the forward-thinking "Crossroads."

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"'Crossroads' represents the catchy side of the album," said the band. "This is the only track that was unfinished for many, many months. When Lars came on board, everything fell into place and the song evolved into its final shape. Lyrically it's a hymn to the Darwinian spirit in every single cell on its journey through endless possibilities, for better or for worse."

As for the rest of Eden in Reverse, Hail Spirit Noir noted their own evolution and outlined how carefully crafted this next record is.

"This is the album we've spent the most time on. We started off doing some experiments without any idea where they could lead to. After the first three to four tracks, we realized we were onto something new for the band," said the group. "We were no longer in the '60s-'70s zone but more in the '70s-'80s," they further revealed, adding, "The songs sounded retro-futuristic and surreal but they were also more prog, psychedelic and challenging than ever. In the lyrics, we re-wrote the story of Eden from a surreal, Richard Dawkins-esque, Darwinian point of view. The result was Eden in Reverse."

Eden in Reverse will arrive on June 19 through Agonia Records and can be pre-ordered here. View the album art and track listing beneath the music video and follow Hail Spirit Noir on Facebook.

Hail Spirit Noir, "Crossroads" Music Video

Hail Spirit Noir, Eden in Reverse Album Art + Track Listing

Agonia Records
Agonia Records

1. "Darwinian Beasts"
2. "Incense Swirls"
3. "Alien Lip Reading"
4. "Crossroads"
5. "The Devil's Blind Spot"
6. "The First Ape on New Earth"
7. "Automata 1980"
8. "Incense Swirls" (Synthwave Remix)*
9. "Ever-shifting Tunnels" (Bonus)*

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