For this edition of Gear Factor, the Music Experience's Squiggy sits down with Lzzy Hale to discuss her five favorite songs to perform live, but also gets an interesting tale in which Hale reveals that Halestorm almost didn't realize they won a Grammy.

The group won in 2013 for Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance for their song "Love Bites (So Do I)" in a year in which Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Lamb of God and Marilyn Manson were the other nominees. "Everyone’s like, ‘That must be a big deal.’ We had no clue. We didn’t have anything prepared for that because we’re not going to win. We’re gonna go and get dressed up and we’re going to go to parties and it’s going to be awesome," recalls Hale. "So when they said the name of the song, we didn’t get up at first. They said ‘Love Bites’ instead of Halestorm. So we were all like, ‘Who’s Love Bites? Oh my God, it’s us!’"

The song remains a favorite for Hale in the live setting, with Lzzy latching onto its punky riffage.

Other current Lzzy Hale live favorites? She digs back into the early days for "I Get Off," but also picks out a pair of more current choices -- "Black Vultures" and "Chemicals." Of the latter, she remarks, "It wasn’t even on a normal album release and these kids are coming up to me and talking about how it’s just helped with their depression and it spoke to them in a certain way."

She continues, "I was writing that one at home and I was going through kind of a hard time myself, so I was kind of writing that for me. It never made it on the record, but then we decided to record it and release it and here I’m thinking, ‘It’s just an extra song, nobody’s gonna care.’”

So what is Lzzy's overall favorite live song? Check out the Gear Factor episode below to find out.

Though Halestorm are currently working toward a new project, you can find them back out on the road later this year. See their tour dates here.

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