As Halestorm’s stock continues to rise with the release of their latest disc ‘The Strange Case Of…,’ the band is on a nonstop road trip bringing their live show to fans across the country. In a new interview with WGRD 97.9, the band checked in to chat about the Randy Blythe situation, having their music featured on ‘Glee’ and how their writing process has evolved.

As Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe remains incarcerated in a Czech Republic prison, many touring musicians are sharing their thoughts on the matter. Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger spoke about the situation, “It’s crazy and it’s a gray area. If some guy goes anywhere near Lzzy and looks like he’s got bad intentions, I’m going to swing my guitar at him.”

Hottinger continued, “Everything you do on stage goes up on YouTube. Generally, you’re not supposed to get on stage and there’s security, but if it’s a small place and security isn’t doing anything – especially after the whole Dimebag thing – what are our options then, you know? Push the kid back off stage. You’re not supposed to be up there to begin with. Who knows? It’s weird.”

Halestorm also talked about having their tune ‘Here’s to Us’ played on the TV show ‘Glee.’ “We were actually really excited about it,” Lzzy said. “What surprised us was when they actually contacted us and they wanted to use the song.” However, the band did have to make a few adjustments to the song to make it TV ready. “I told them, ‘You know there are like three words in this song that you can’t use on 'Glee,'” recounts Lzzy. “We went back into the studio and recorded a clean version for them. It was really cool. I mean, I had never watched ‘Glee before that episode either. It was really cool because after that there were a lot of little kids coming to our shows.”

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