Halestorm have quite a busy year ahead of them with the upcoming release 'The Strange Case Of...' due out April 10. The band is also gearing up for the Mass Chaos tour with Staind and Godsmack. When we asked singer Lzzy Hale what she feels are some necessities on tour, she gave some very humorous but genuine responses.

“Definitely, somebody’s gotta have a candle at some point in time. I’m a girl in an all guy band and now we have a little dog running with us so the Alpo farts are definitely something we have to combat.”

Hale continues, “It’s funny because as far as the guys in the band they actually have very good personal hygiene. We got the baby wipes, the dry shampoo and stuff like that, all the necessities of life but the weirdest thing is that I’ve been on the road for so long that I still use that stuff even when I’m visiting my parents.”

She adds, “I’ll bring my dry shampoo even though there’s a shower right there and then I’ll find myself waiting three days before my I get my next shower; I’m on a different personal schedule I guess. It’s like camping basically, you’re gonna be camping in the wild nowhere near a bathroom and figure it out."

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