We know what Halestorm fans want for Christmas -- the band’s new album! However, you'll have to wait a few months for that one. When we got a chance to talk to frontwoman Lzzy Hale, she shared a couple of things that she would want for Christmas, although she’s a little skeptical about getting either one of these things.

“Oh man, all I want for Christmas is, well, this will never happen, but the one thing I would love right now and it’s such a stereotypical thing for me to say, one thing I would love, actually there are two things," Hale told us. "I want some new latex pants [laughs] or an ST custom white wash finish Gibson guitar, that would be awesome because that’s the last thing I don’t have in my collection.”

She expressed her doubt of getting her Christmas presents by saying, “Neither one of those would happen, because I wore latex the second time I was in Revolver they were literally like these plastic rubber pants and they’re so incredibly hot in every sense of the word but the thing is that my guys will never get me anything like that [Laughs] because they don’t know where to get them and they’d probably have to go in some seedy store in New York City to get them.”

Hale continued, “As far as the guitar that’s just too expensive for anybody to get right now, that’s the curse of being a musician, even if you think you have everything, you don’t. I mean I have a decent collection of guitars even if you think you have enough usually it’s not, you see something else and it’s like 'Oh I could use that.'”

Latex pants and a new guitar, isn’t that what every girl wants this Christmas? Check back with Loudwire after the new year for our full interview with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.