Halestorm are certainly road warriors, and they’re always in good spirits onstage and they’re certainly just as friendly offstage. The band kicked off this year as part of ShipRocked 2016 and now they’re out on tour with the legendary Lita Ford providing support. We had singer Lzzy Hale laughing with a few questions in our game of ‘Would You Rather?’ and the band’s guitarist Joe Hottinger added to the fun. Find out why they don't mind messing up onstage, which metal legends they'd prefer to marry and much more. Check out our latest rendition of ‘Would You Rather?’ with Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger of Halestorm below:

Would you rather be late for a show or mess up onstage?

Joe Hottinger: Mess up onstage. I mess up onstage every single show.

Lzzy Hale: Yeah, mess up onstage. The only thing that’s stressful is what if I’m the one that makes us late? We have nightmares about it but we mess up onstage all the time.

JH: It’s a rock and roll show, it’s not supposed to be perfect so that’s fine. You mess up onstage you just keep rollin’.

LH: We played the pre-party and you [to Joe Hottinger] forgot the ending to a song and we made it into some extended ending and you just roll with it.

JH: We’re starting to get great at messing up.

LH: The same thing happened last night with Arejay [Hale] and we just started jamming on it, so we actually thrive in the chaos with that.

JH: I love messing up, I do it on purpose. [Laughs]

Would you rather play big festivals or small club shows forever?

LH: That’s horrible, I like both. Personally, I think I’m going to say small clubs. I just think it’s awesome, a small sweaty club and everyone’s right there. I love big festivals but it’s a different animal.

JH: Yeah club shows, you get sweaty, it’s awesome.

LH: So when we have that big curve of nobody caring about us anymore, it’s going to be great. [Laughs] We’re going to be like, “Well this is what we wanted to do anyway.”

Would you rather be on tour or in the studio?

LH: On tour, I love the studio but I feel like when we’re in the studio it’s for like a month and we can’t wait to get on tour. That’s all we talk about, playing the songs live.

JH: We’ve always been a live band first, tour, tour, tour.

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or drumsticks for hands?

LH: [Laughs] That’d be funny if it was both!

JH: I would just run in place to constantly piss everyone off. [Makes weird donkey accordion sound.] Drumsticks for hands for me.

LH: That’d be really tough to go to the bathroom, think about that.

JH: I have no issues, I’d just drop it and let it fly. Can I have both drumstick hands and accordion legs?

LH: I’d go with accordion for legs, new moves onstage.

Would you rather be in an ‘80s rock band today or Halestorm in the ‘80s?

Both (at the same time): Halestorm in the ‘80s.

LH: No question. We have a lot of friends now who were in bands back in the ‘80s. We know the Cinderella guys, the Skid Row guys and some of the KISS guys and they’re so fun to hang out with because they’re still in that mentality. We have always had that mentality but felt we were kind of in the wrong era for that mentality but we do it anyway. We plug in and we play man, leather jackets all the way. That would be so much fun to go back in time.

JH: It’d be fun. We’d be all old and torn up right now like, “The ‘80s were rough.” [Laughs]

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is currently alive? And who would it be?

LH: I want to drink whiskey with Janis Joplin. [Laughs] Whiskey at lunch. I am bad with whiskey, I think she was too though. That probably wouldn’t be a good idea actually because then I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anything that happens. We’d be fine, she’ll be responsible for it.

JH: I’m trying to think about some of my musical heroes, I don’t think I’d want to actually hang out with them. I’d go out with someone current and talk about current events. Dave Grohl, that’d probably be the best lunch of all time. I was thinking, I love Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain but I don’t want to necessarily have to talk about their records that I love.

LH: Let’s just go with Rival Sons.

JH: We’ve had lunch with them and we can just do it again. I love those guys.

LH: Then you guys can compare mustache waxes, maybe you can ask him to recommend one because it’s getting a little…

JH: She’s obsessed with my mustache.

LH: I am, I’m sorry. The bass player [Josh Smith] has a big beard now.

JH: I’m just here to party.

Would you rather marry Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson?

JH: Ozzy! But what era Ozzy?

LH: Not current Ozzy?

JH: I’m going to go with late ‘70s, early ‘80s train-wreck Ozzy.

LH: Totally Halford. I think that’d be a really great combination. We’d compare notes, literally high notes, together.

Our thanks to Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger of Halestorm for playing ‘Would You Rather?’ with us! Catch Halestorm on tour at these locations.

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