Pulling off one of the most impressive Death Match runs ever, Havok have just earned their spot in the Death Match Hall of Fame. The new-school thrashers took down some of thrash music's most respected veterans along with fellow acts bringing new blood into the genre.

Havok secured their first win against German legends Sodom by a decent margin, as Havok's 'Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death' defeated one of Sodom's new masterpieces, 'Stigmatized.' Havok went on to face Revocation, and in the closest battle in Death Match history, Havok were victorious by one single vote.

The Colorado group took their third victory by slaying British thrashers Evile before finally getting a fourth and final win against Toxic Holocaust. Havok's 'Give Me Liberty… or Give Me Death' has now been declared immortal in our Death Match Hall of Fame and the track will receive a heavy rotation spot on Loudwire Metal Radio.

Congrats once again to Havok and stay tuned as two new bands enter this week's Death Match.

Havok, 'Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death'