It's no coincidence that Hellyeah have chosen Friday (March 13) to release their new single "Hush." The band picked the date specifically to tie in with "No More Week," a campaign designed to bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Frontman Chad Gray penned the lyrics specifically about his own experience growing up in a home with domestic violence in hope that it will get people talking and shed a light on an often hidden subject matter by letting other survivors know they are not alone. The band urges their fans to call their local stations to request the song.

"No More Week" runs from yesterday (March 8) through March 14 with a variety of organizations taking part. To learn more about the No More organization's "No More Week" activities and how you can participate, check out this website.

Hellyeah are currently catching a breather from the road, but the band will resume touring of their Blood for Blood album on April 17 in El Paso, Texas. Their U.S. dates run into mid-May before they head off to Germany for the beginning of Europe's festival season in late May. All of their tour dates can be found here.

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Hellyeah No More Week
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