Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens is about to step out of the comfort zone of his Grammy-nominated rock band to expand his musical horizons as a DJ. Stevens revealed his soon-to-be-realized passion announcing his first performance under the moniker Terrible Johnny while also letting Highly Suspect fans know that he is still committed to the band.

"I’ve made a decision to become the best DJ in the world and there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop me," says Stevens, quickly adding, "THIS DOES NOT MEAN ANY THING IN REGARD TO THE BAND NOT DOING BAND THINGS. The band is still the band. We are literally writing in the studio as I type this. This is a separate endeavor entirely and I just needed to be ULTRA CLEAR about that so that no one gets scared or thinks Highly Suspect isn’t about to put out the best album ever because that’s still very much going to happen."

Stevens announced that his Terrible Johnny DJ persona will play his first date on June 9 at Exchange LA in downtown Los Angeles with singer-rapper-DJ Uffie also on the bill.

"[My dream of being a DJ is] being realized and I’m going for it full force so this is gonna be a historical show. This will be my first solo performance EVER. That only happens once. And I’m gonna turn it the fuck up and have this club bouncing so don’t sleep on it. Get to this show and party with MCID crew. Super stoked to be getting support from Uffie. No I will not be spinning rock songs. You already know what it is."

Tickets for the performance can be purchased here. And as Stevens stated, Highly Suspect are currently working toward their third studio album, following on the heels of The Boy Who Died Wolf.

Facebook: Highly Suspect
Facebook: Highly Suspect

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