After a stellar run behind their Mister Asylum debut album that included a pair of Grammy nominations, Highly Suspect are set to return with their sophomore set, The Boy Who Died Wolf. The album arrives Nov. 18 via 300 Entertainment, and you can hear the newly released lead single "My Name Is Human" in the player above.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, vocalist Johnny Stevens says the album title was inspired by his hard upbringing in Cape Cod and the struggle the band went through before finally enjoying their breakout moment. "I was the boy, and was a wolf," says Stevens. "Everything was a fight and a struggle. I killed that part of me, and now the man is left."

And while Stevens has been messing with fans online a bit throwing them off the scent of the album's release plans ("Told you we wouldn't make you wait two years. Thank you for your patience. God this feels so f--king good to share," state the band in a posting announcing the album), in honesty the band returned to the studio shortly after playing Rock on the Range in May. "Within 12 hours we were in the studio," reveals the singer. And after a brief period in Los Angeles, they traveled to Bogota, Columbia to record.

Stevens says of the music, "Life is a little better for us right now, so the music is a little spunkier." He adds, "You know how in high school you had to be into one type of music? You were the punk kid, the goth kid or the rap kid -- that classified you. It's not like that anymore. And we have a giant palette of musical taste. We're not into making sure we give our fans one thing. We're into making sure we're playing what we like."

The band already revealed one new song earlier this year with the release of "Serotonia," and now fans can take a listen to "My Name Is Human" in the player above. The slow building rocker chugs along with distortion fueled precision, before Stevens unleashes more powerful and emotional choruses, begging for connection with the titular line, "Hello, my name is human." As stated, the song is featured on The Boy Who Died Wolf album, which is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and will arrive on Nov. 18. Look for Highly Suspect on tour through November. Dates can be found at this location.

Highly Suspect, The Boy Who Died Wolf Artwork

300 Entertainment
300 Entertainment

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