Harder hitting hip-hop group Ho99o9 have sampled Slipknot's "Tattered & Torn" in their song "Mega City 9." The track is featured on the group's EP Cyber Cop that came out this past November. Both songs are under three minutes long and share a similar piercing melody. Listen to both tracks below to hear the comparison.

Rap and metal have been working together and crossing genre boundaries for a while now. Rapper Post Malone is a big supporter of the metal scene and has become a staple figure in exposing rock and metal to his fanbase, especially with his recent performances with Aerosmith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Corey Taylor even collaborated recently with British rapper Kid Bookie on a project that has yet to be announced.

Slipknot have just recently announced their Knotfest Roadshow summer tour with Volbeat, Behemoth and Gojira, and their upcoming album will be released Aug. 9. Stay tuned to see if there might be some sort of rap cameo on the album.

Ho99o9, meanwhile, will spend April on tour in Europe, before making their way stateside for appearances at the Epicenter and Sonic Temple festivals. See all of their tour dates here.

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