As if Corey Taylor hasn't been busy enough preparing for an album release with Slipknot, now he's collaborating on music with British rapper Kid Bookie.

The partnership occurred recently and quickly. On Jan. 30 Bookie tweeted a comparison between a Slipknot and a System of a Down song and then later reached out to Taylor personally to request a collaboration. Taylor responded, and the rest is history.

Within a few days, Bookie shared with his followers that he was working on a song with Taylor, who retweeted the announcement.

When a fan tweeted at Bookie asking if the music would be "rap/rock with a fresh new spin," he quoted it and said it would be better.

Taylor released "All Out Life" with Slipknot this past October and wrapped up Stone Sour's tour cycle supporting Hydrograd at the end of 2018. Between his bands and his books, it seems like there isn't much he can't do. Now with the anticipation of his appearance on a rap track, he's pushed the boundaries further.

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