Hirax are ready to return this week with their 'Immortal Legacy' album, but before the disc drops in stores, Loudwire is teaming with the band to give you a chance to hear the album via an exclusive stream (listen below).

Vocalist Katon W. De Pena says, "On our new album, we more than ever felt an artistic obligation to our fans to give them a really big-sounding record. Our philosophy has always been to remember where we come from and stay true to our roots. Our fans know that we will never let them down and they have helped to raise us up to a level with bands such as Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Annihilator and many others. This record proves that we are at the top of our game musically!"

That is definitely the case for the band on their lead single, 'Hellion Rising,' a blistering rocker of a song with De Pena showing off his powerful voice. Songs like 'Victims of the Dead,' 'Black Smoke' and the title track also keep the energy level high throughout. Meanwhile, 'The World Will Burn' is the album's curve ball, but is not to be missed. For fans of metal, there's plenty of shredding going on her courtesy of guitarist Lance Harrison. Meanwhile, Harrison's brother Steve delivers some heavy low end and Jorge Iacobellis keeps the beat fast and furious throughout. The disc also features guest turns from Dark Angel's Jim Durkin, Agent Steel's Juan Garcia and Suicidal Tendencies' Rocky George.

De Pena concludes, "This is probably our most diverse album ever. I think there is something for every heavy metal fan on this record! Obviously I'm very proud of it."

If you're a fan of what you hear in the stream below, you can order the Hirax 'Immortal Legacy' disc via iTunes and Amazon. And look for the band playing dates this spring. Their itinerary can be seen here.

Hirax, 'Immortal Legacy'