Hollywood Undead have a new album coming later this month, FiveThe album promises to be an energetic, loud collection of songs sure to bring their fans together for a killer collection. Today, the band has released another new video, this one for "We Own the Night," letting you know exactly what's in store.

The song adds some nice diversity to what we've heard already, imbuing their music with huge sing-a-longs and a catchy chorus. The verse features a back and forth rap off, with Charlie Scene delivering some solid bars and Johnny 3 Tears backing him up. The song charges into its chorus with attitude and swagger. Things get heavier, leading into a yelling "we will ride for the last time" near the song's ending. Visually, the band performs with attitude, and images of women's hands and bodies are spread throughout the clip.

We spoke to Johnny 3 Tears about the song in our recent interview, and got his take on the meaning. "It was a take on the nocturnal aspects of our lives and we thought it would be cool to tell that story," he explained. "We've always been on the darker side, subject matter wise with music. I suppose that's just the way we are. It was our take on those things. I never liked 'party music; you know, 'Let's party all night.' I've always looked at the other sides of those things. It's just a take on that activity and where we were at at that point."

Recently it's been announced Hollywood Undead has parted ways with Matty 'Da Kurlzz' Busek, the band's longtime percussionist. In a brief statement released by the band, they wrote, "Matty and Hollywood Undead have decided that we are parting ways amicably. Matty decided he would like to pursue his own interests and we are supportive of that. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward."

Hollywood Undead also have a comic book on the way titled Undead Origins that coincides with the rest of Five. On the music end of things, the group has released equally colorful videos for "California Dreaming," "Whatever It Takes" and "Renegade."

Watch "We Own the Night" above!

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