Time flies and you best not waste it. Hollywood Undead drive that message home with their new video for "Your Life," the latest single and clip to come from their Five album.

The Brian Cox-directed clip finds the band's members playing amongst the dilapidated ruins of a former structure that has been withered down over time. A hazy, nearly 3D quality visual sheen is placed over the clip, making it feel as though the events are more of a projection than real life. Mixed into the performance is the narrative of a seemingly happy couple whose life starts to drift away from them before the decision to cut ties altogether.

"It might be cliché to say, but it needs to be repeated: You can’t waste your fucking time,” said Johnny 3 Tears. “Every moment you waste worrying is a moment you could’ve been doing something that might actually have consequence by the day you die."

The song itself is an uplifting kick in the pants and a reminder to not let life pass you by. With the track itself being the album closer, it makes the motivation and drive expressed within the Five album resonate all that much more.

Hollywood Undead are making sure life doesn't pass them by, hitting the road again starting next week on Jan. 24 in Glasgow, Scotland. They'll continue through Europe, the U.K. and Russia with dates booked into early March. The band will return stateside in April to play a number of U.S. festivals, including stops at Las Rageous and Welcome to Rockville. See all of their scheduled tour dates here.

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