Faith No More's "Epic" is well, epic, for a lot of reasons, but did you know that we might not have Corey Taylor rocking our world without it? The singer recently revisited the topic of how Faith No More changed the course of his life during a chat with Metal Hammer.

When asked what band in his youth made him realize "I can do that," Taylor immediately mentioned Faith No More, delivering in response a darker story about how his pursuit of music began.

“Seeing Faith No More on the [MTV] Video Music Awards in 1990," says Taylor of this life-changing moment. "It was the day of my last attempt at suicide. I had attempted it a couple of times before. This time, I’d just hit the bottom of the bottom. I’d taken a handful of pills from the bathroom – I didn’t know what they fuck they were. Luckily, my ex-girlfriend’s mom, who was an EMT, happened to stop by my house to check on me ’cos she knew what I was going through. She found me on the floor, called 911, and they rushed me to hospital and pumped my stomach, which I don’t recommend."

He recalls, “My grandmother came and picked me up from the hospital. I was lying on the couch, thinking, ‘Why am I doing this?’ I turn on the television and here comes Faith No More playing 'Epic.' They sounded amazing, Mike Patton was out of his gourd. The next day I started putting signs up in guitar places, looking for people to start bands with. And that’s where it all started.”

This isn't the first time Taylor has reflected on Faith No More's start on his career. Back in 2013, he taped a Beacon Moment video calling up the experience. Commenting on the song at the time, he responded, "It was so awesome and so fun, and they just didn't give a shit about anything. I was mesmerized by that."

"That moment was when I really figured out that it's not about what you can give, but what you can get from your music and from your live performances," says Taylor. "You can get something as you're giving. I never felt a moment like that until that moment. It completely turned me around."

Corey Taylor Channels Depression Discussion Into Music

Corey Taylor has spoken up about mental health on multiple occasions over the years, and it's even found its way into his music, with "Midnight" from his CMF2 album being a prime example. Within the chat with Metal Hammer, Taylor admits, "There’s been moments in my life where I’ve been so detached, emotionally and psychologically, that I’ve had to just lay down on the ground and almost ride the Earth to get through it.”

When asked if he's comfortable talking about depression and suicide, the singer says, “You have to be. If you don’t talk about it, you can’t get a grip on what you dealt with and why. As a teenager, you feel things much harder ’cos you don’t have coping mechanisms. But I’m blessed now, in that my wife has the patience of a saint. When I physically feel it coming on, I tell her, ‘It’s going to be a weird couple of days.’”

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Taylor just released his CMF2 album this past week. He's currently touring in support of the album, with dates and ticketing info available right here.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website. Resource information is provided for free as well as a chat message service. To speak directly to a professional, call 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone and help is available. Every life is important.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, help is available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. To speak to someone on the phone, dial 1-800-622-HELP (1-800-622-4357) or send a text message to 1-800-487-4889.

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