We've got something special for you in this week's Gear Factor. Ice Nine Kills' drummer Patrick Galante is providing a play through of "Your Number's Up," a "Final Cut" bonus track from The Silver Scream album. But what's cool is that he's showcasing his brand new movie popcorn-themed drum kit that was customized by SJC Custom Drums.

"Spencer [Charnas] and I had thrown around a few movie themed ideas, but at at the end of the day, I think Spencer had the idea to make the shells look like popcorn tubs," says Galante. "There were many different ways that we thought they could’ve looked too. That’s where SJC and Mike Cortada came in to really help us finalize the design."

The drummer says he's thrilled to show off his kit for the first time, adding, "This kit is all around pretty amazing, but the special jigged out popcorn rims are extremely well done. Those actually make me nervous to play the kit, I’d hate to ruin the craftsmanship!"

Galante says the new kit will fit perfectly within their growing production. "We have a lot of subtle and very apparent movie-themed props and performances on the stage. For example, everyone’s mic stand is personalized to their movie character, we have an inflatable Freddy hand and Pennywise hand on either side of the stage, and my drum riser has a jigsaw puppet face around it. That’s not even mentioning all the props and costume changes Spencer and Shevy (our makeup artist/prop master) have onstage," he explains. "The whole show is turning into quite the theatrical performance, and there are some crazy new elements being included in the future."

Speaking about the decision to rock "Your Number's Up" for the play-through, the drummer says, "This song is a certified banger. I think my favorite part of this song is also my least favorite part of this song. The kick drum patterns in (what we call) the 'Drew Barrymore' breakdown and the ending are crushing and sound amazing, but were very hard to learn and very hard hard to play live. I think I finally got ‘em down though."

Galante says he hopes to play his new "popcorn" kit for some time, but adds that he has some ideas of drum kit designs he'd like to see in the future. "If we keep going with the movie theme, I’d like to go a little darker and design a zombie-themed kit. Having teeth, blood, bones and body parts coming out of everything could be spooky and fun. We’ll see what the future holds," says the drummer.

Ice Nine Kills hope to be on tour this fall with Five Finger Death Punch and when they do hit the stage, you can look for Galante rocking this new custom-made kit.

In the interim, Ice Nine Kills recently did a parody of Fountains of Wayne's "Stacy's Mom" titled "Jason's Mom" coinciding with Mother's Day and the 40th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th film. Watch that here and pick up coordinated merch for their "Jason's Mom" release right here. Learn more about SJC Custom Drums here.

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