Finnish melodic death metal titans Insomnium will release their seventh studio album, Winter’s Gate, come Sept. 23.

Insomnium are still riding high off 2014’s Shadows of the Dying Sun, which was praised by many as one of the year’s essential metal releases. The strength of Insomnium’s catalogue plus the added fandom which Shadows of the Dying Sun brought now sets Insomnium up for another massive year.

Winter’s Gate is built around a short story penned by vocalist / bassist Nillo Sevanen. The concept sees a group of Vikings out to find a fabled island west of Ireland, despite the treacherous winter drawing near. The full story will actually be released alongside the Winter’s Gate album in English, Finnish and German. The tale will also feature illustrations by Teemu Tahkanen. As for the album, the legendary Dan Swano will handle mixing duties at Unisound AB studio in Sweden.

New songs from Insomnium are bound to hit the internet soon, so keep your eyes and ears open. Check out the Winter’s Gate album art above and get excited for the album’s release on Sept. 23 via Century Media!

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