Under the lights in a pitch black room, Disturbed vocalist David Draiman sat for an interrogation, answering for his past and present. Armed with a case file filled with two decades worth of exhibits, we pressed Draiman on past quotes, his perception of self, Disturbed’s new Evolution album and much more.

Disturbed recently released a music video for “A Reason to Fight,” tackling themes of addiction and mental illness while offering Suicide Prevention Hotline numbers from around the globe. “Each band member has had loved ones that have been tortured by the demon of addiction and depression,” Draiman explains. “It’s beyond heartbreaking at this point — it’s a crisis. The losses that we’ve sustained in the musical community and the artistic community, it’s been beyond devastating.”

Draiman goes on to explain how Chester Bennington was on his mind while penning “A Reason to Fight.” “I personally wish, had I known more about what he had going on personally, at the time, that I had been more active and more involved and tried to be more of an advocate. I do carry a bit of regret with that,” said the vocalist.

As an entertainer who once prided himself on remaining in close touch with his fans, Draiman speaks about losing much of that contact after detaching himself from social media. “It became a daunting thing, it became something that actually came between me and my wife," recalls the singer. "The water has been poisoned for quite some time, as far as interaction is concerned. Social media has become a high school playground where the challenge is what idiot can come up with the best insult, and do you end up congratulating them for it?”

David Draiman also describes how he’s felt misunderstood for the majority of his career. He explains, “I’ve been a pretty big target for people and truth be told, for a very long time, I couldn’t completely understand it until I started hearing back some of these quotes [from my past]. What the hell was I thinking saying some of these things?”

Watch The Interrogation of David Draiman in the clip above and be sure to grab a copy of Disturbed’s new album, Evolution.

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