You may or may not know the name Invidia as of yet, but the band has a serious rock pedigree and they're ready to emerge with the new album As the Sun Sleeps on March 31. We've teamed up with the band to premiere their trippy new video for "Feed the Fire" that you can see above.

As for the band's pedigree, you'll find In This Moment bassist Travis Johnson taking on lead vocals in Invidia, with the rest of the group rounded out by guitarists Brian Jackson (ex-Skinlab) and Marcos Medina (ex-Skinlab), bassist Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) and drummer Darren Badorine. Producer Logan Mader (Once Human, ex-Machine Head) plays a major role in the band, as well.

Invidia deliver an effective visual to accompany "Feed the Fire" right out of the gate, calling on Brian Cox to oversee the video. The clip centers on a man who has a rather unhealthy relationship with his significant other, who finds himself consumed by "devil in her eyes" that keeps him coming back for more. But that transports him into a rather demonic existence in which he needs an exorcism of sorts to get through it.

"I am beyond proud of this video," says Johnson. "Brian Cox and everyone at Flare Light Films did an absolute amazing job of bringing the vision to life. We are stoked for you guys to check it out!"

“We joke about the meaning of the song,” says Snell. “Sometimes it is about girl drama, we tell each other not to ‘feed the fire’ of that kind of stuff. Sometimes it is about substance abuse – trying to get healthy ... trying to get it right." Badorine adds, "You can really apply it to any struggle that someone is having in life."

As you can hear, the song seems to be a perfect fit for hard rock radio and is a great way to kick off the new album. As stated, As the Sun Sleeps is expected to arrive on March 31 via SPV, with tracks like "Rotten," "Now or Never" and the title track also serving as key songs on the disc.

If you like Invidia's "Feed the Fire," you can go ahead and pick up the track here. Meanwhile, the album is available for pre-order at Amazon.