Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain is traveling way back in time to reunite with his former bandmates from the Pat Travers Band. The legendary Maiden drummer is set to play "four or five songs" with the hard rock / blues veterans, and it's all for charity.

McBrain has been a member of Iron Maiden for over 30 years, first manning the kit for Maiden's 1983 masterful album, 'Piece of Mind.' Fans of the godlike heavy metal band know McBrain well, as he's contributed to a total of 12 studio albums, but what followers may not know is that McBrain recorded 'Makin' Magic' and 'Putting it Straight' with the Pat Travers Band in 1976 and 1977, respectively. McBrain and Travers had a messy falling out shortly after 'Putting it Straight' was released, leading to the duo splitting off into opposite directions.

McBrain will reunite with musicians Pat Travers and Peter 'Mars' Cowling at 'The Classic Rock & Roll Party' for some Pat Travers Band songs on Saturday night, March 2, at Hollywood's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Proceeds from the show will be given to HomeSafe, a non-profit organization dedicating to helping victims of severe child abuse and domestic violence. The group serves over 15,000 individuals each year, while providing "comprehensive programs preventing new cases of violence" and "preparing children and their families for safer, more productive lives."

Also performing at the event will be hip-hop pioneers Sugarhill Gang and soul legend Sam Moore.

Check out Nicko McBrain's interview with Drum Talk about the 'Classic Rock & Roll Party' along with the Paul Travers track 'Life in London' from the 1977 album 'Putting it Straight.'

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