Rock on! Iron Maiden have entered the Loudwire Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame with their 1980 favorite, 'Phantom of the Opera.' The group did so by winning four Classic Cage Match battles over standout tracks from 1980.

'Phantom of the Opera' started its streak by besting Judas Priest's 'Breaking the Law,' which was seemingly on its way to the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame before the legendary track was upended by Maiden. It was another close match when Iron Maiden squared off against Black Sabbath's 'Heaven and Hell,' but Maiden escaped with 52 percent of the final vote.

The other two matchups weren't nearly as close. Iron Maiden took out Diamond Head's 'Am I Evil?' with a significant victory, and Maiden's match against Saxon's '747 (Strangers in the Night)' brought the fourth and final win.

They now join Motley Crue, Disturbed and Megadeth as the inaugural members of the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame. Our congrats to Iron Maiden for running the table with 'Phantom of the Opera' and entering the Hall of Fame. Take one more listen to this metal classic below and look for a fresh Classic Cage Match starting soon on Loudwire.

Iron Maiden, 'Phantom of the Opera'