Iron Maiden have spent the bulk of 2017 on the road supporting The Book of Souls, traversing the globe in their custom Ed Force One jumbo jet adorned with the menacing Eddie on the tail. The mascot has run into some troubles on this album cycle however, with posters depicting the album cover being censored in Germany around the time of the release. Similar events have manifested in Lithuania as Eddie's menacing presence on tour posters has been banned.

As Newsweek reports, posters (seen below) depicting the infamous mascot with a ripped-out heart in one hand and blood-drenched knife in the other have been taken down in the country. “Right now, we have to decide how to carry on forward, but we must also immediately take down the posters," said a Lithuanian spokesman for Live Nation.

Iron Maiden have had one of the biggest influences on heavy metal. Countless bands are indebted to the band's twin harmonies, lush and emotive solos, thought-provoking lyrics and powerful stage theatrics. Numerous tribute albums have seen artists from around the world honor the British titans and the newest comes from Kerrang! as the successor to their 2008 Maiden Heaven release.

Maiden Heaven Volume 2 spans 15 tracks, with bands taking on classics from their early days, dating back to their 1980 eponymous debut all the way through last year's standout effort The Book of Souls. Among the artists are some rock and metal powerhouses like Stone Sour tackling "Running Free," Escape the Fate honoring "Hallowed Be Thy Name," Trivium heading up "For the Greater Good of God" and Fozzy digging deep, coming away with "Still Life" off Piece of Mind.

Others that jump out are grinding black metal stalwarts Anaal Nathrakh offering up their rendition of "Powerslave," Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats cutting "Remember Tomorrow" and Anathema (who made our list of the 11 Best Covers of Iron Maiden Songs with their performance of "Phantom of the Opera") capping off the disc with "Wasted Years." The album is only available with the issue of Kerrang! which can be purchased here.

Iron Maiden recently released a live video for "Death or Glory." The clips show the full spectacle of the band's live show as frontman Bruce Dickinson's animated stage presence sends shockwaves through the crowd who are ready to meet the demands of what the 'Air Raid Siren' asks of them.

Iron Maiden's Maiden Heaven Vol. 2 Tribute Album Track Listing

01. "Running Free" (Stone Sour)
02. "Speed of Light" (Reigning Days)
03. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (Escape the Fate)
04. "Fear of the Dark" (Lonely the Brave)
05. "For the Greater Good of God" (Trivium)
06. "The Red and the Black" (Steven Battelle)
07. "The Evil That Men Do" (Creeper)
08. "The Number of the Beast" (Lower Than Atlantis)
09. "Powerslave" (Anaal Nathrakh)
10. "Aces High" (Cry Venom)
11. "Sun and Steel" (Fozzy)
12. "The Wicker Man" (Munice Girls)
13. "The Trooper" (Heck)
14. "Remember Tomorrow" (Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats)
15. "Wasted Years" (Anathema)

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