Ever wish you could perform with your favorite musicians? A newly launched app by the name of Jadu could allow you to do the next best thing, offering you the opportunity to record performances alongside three-dimensional holograms of musicians. Among the acts who initially signed on for the technology include Poppy, Palaye Royale, Pussy Riot, rapper Vic Mensa and Sir Chloe, with more acts expected to be added in the coming weeks.

The app comes from augmented reality studio 1RIC and technologist Asad J. Malik, who worked along with the acts to provide the new content option. “We want Jadu to enable a new sense of presence,” said Malik. “There is something special about allowing artists to share this new sense of presence with young audiences that care so deeply about them. I’m very proud of our first batch of artists. Their fans rely on their music to express and make sense of identity at such an impressionable age. We are here to help strengthen that bond.”

Jadu allows fans to choose from the hologram options, scan their surroundings and place the hologram within their space using augmented reality. The videos can then be saved to their devices and shared on social media. Each hologram is essentially a 15-second performance captured using volumetric video.

Poppy's song "I Disagree," Pussy Riot's "Hangerz" and Palaye Royale's "Lonely" are amongst the initial options for users.

Palaye Royale stated via Twitter, "As generations continue to grow & evolve in how they experience music it’s important the artist continues to do the same. Nothing will ever beat the emotional connection of hearing a song for the first time but we wanted to approach how we release our newest single a differently."

They continued, "Download the Jadu app on the Apple App Store to experience the song first hand a before we release the music video Friday, March 13th. (Sorry to other devices but the technology is being worked on as we send you this message.) The beautiful thing about this new approach is you can film yourself with hologram Remington anywhere in the world - we would love to see how you experience this for the first time; sing, dance - do whatever you like. Upload your videos to Instagram, Twitter and or TikTok with #Lonely and #jaduhologram."

Have a closer look at some of the behind-the-scenes creative footage below. For those interested in testing it out, you can download Jadu via the App Store here. Stay tuned for Jadu updates at this location.

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