It's been a long time since we've seen a music video that really caught our attention, but Jerry Cantrell succeeded with that when he released an incredibly bizarre video for the song "Prism of Doubt."

The song was featured on Cantrell's 2021 studio album Brighten, and given its slow pace and very relaxed tone, one would expect a calm video of the rocker strumming along on a guitar... but no. This is the most WTF video we've seen in years, so buckle up and make sure no one can see your screen that you wouldn't want to have to do a lot of explaining to.

The beginning of the video starts off with a news reporter warning everyone of a "fireball comet" that has hit the Earth. Except, she, and all the other characters in the video, are dolls. It's almost reminiscent of the 2004 film Team America: World Police, but might be even weirder.

So this is what Cantrell does when he's not working with Alice in Chains.

Footage shows the dolls in a melted, zombie-like form, shooting one another and catching fire. Cantrell makes a cameo as a doll playing guitar. Skeleton dolls start doing the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video in formation. A baby doll slaughters a zombie doll with an axe. One of the protagonists of the video is abducted by aliens and, well, things happen to him.

Jerry Cantrell 'Prism of Doubt' Video Scene
YouTube - Jerry Cantrell

We're entirely convinced someone put something in our coffee this morning, but we'll let you check it out for yourself below.

Jerry Cantrell - 'Prism of Doubt'

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