Following the music video for "Never Gets Old" — the lead single from his latest solo record Breathing Fire, co-written with AC/DC's Brian Johnson — Jesse James Dupree has unveiled another visual accompaniment, this time with the cinematic epic for "Stranded." You can watch the brand-new music video near the bottom of this story.

Set in the Black Hills of South Dakota, not far from Full Throttle Saloon, the world's largest biker bar, "Stranded" is a nod to classic Western movies that captures the beauty of those historic plains. Filmed by Tristan Barnard, the video creates an experience that lives up to the uniqueness of the song itself.

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"The way this song specifically came together in the studio is freaky," Dupree said in a statement announcing the release of the "Stranded" music video.

"I had a vision of where I wanted to go with it and threw myself to the universe. What transpired was beyond anything I envisioned would be created."

Similarly, the universe seemed to be in control when Dupree and Barnard set out to film the video.

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From the herd of buffalo that Dupree seemed to conjure to the bar scenes in Deadwood, S.D., that were filmed right where Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed while playing poker in 1876, nearly every scene came together organically.

As Dupree put it, "Sometimes not planning everything is the best approach you can ever find."

How AC/DC Inspired Jesse James Dupree's Latest Solo Album

Not surprisingly, even the creation of Breathing Fire was somewhat unplanned.

One night, Dupree found himself in an AC/DC frame of mind and listened to High Voltage front to back twice, then he went to Highway to Hell and then Back in Black. The next day, he thought he was humming an AC/DC song in his head, but when he tried to find it on an album, he was unsuccessful.

"I didn't find it," Dupree told Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights last year. "I realized I've just been inspired. So I picked up my guitar and started figuring it out, what I was hearing in my head."

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On Friday night's Loudwire Nights (May 17), Dupree will join host Chuck Armstrong to dive deep into the creation of "Stranded" as well as what's on the horizon for Jackyl this year. You can get details on when, where and how to listen to Loudwire Nights here.

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