Breakout Ukrainian metallers Jinjer have just announced their fourth studio album, Macro. Offering a taste of their next record, Jinjer have also unleashed a new video for “Judgement (& Punishment).”

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna be brutal, but Jinjer’s decade-long journey has begun to pay off over the last couple of years. The band’s soaring popularity has put them in a unique position to advance the metal flag forward, and they’re planning just that with Macro, the follow-up to this year's Micro EP.

“Going from small things to bigger ones is the natural order of things, and we've paved a path from Micro to Macro, carrying the weight of feelings, emotions and experience.,” the band shares.”This is a monumental point in the story of Jinjer, the quintessence of what makes us what we are now as the people and as a band. We are proud of every single note sung and played on Macro and can't wait for you to give it a listen!”

As for “Judgement (& Punishment)”, Jinjer add, "How many times have we reacted harshly to something just because we simply do not understand it? It seems like there is an innate human trait in all of us, when there is something unknown or unfamiliar that we tend to question the substance, to attack and finally to destroy it ... just like primitive apes. But when it strikes back it might be too much to bare. Every action causes a reaction. ‘Judgement (& Punishment)’ is a reaction. Just keep that in mind."

The bizarre track goes from punishing death metal to uplifting reggae in about zero seconds flat, so get your mind blown with the video below.

Check out the album art and track listing for Macro below and pre-order the album here. For Jinjer’s full list of 2019 North American tour dates with The Browning and Sumo Cyco, click here.

Jinjer, Macro Album Art + Track Listing


1. "On the Top"
2. "Pit of Consciousness"
3. "Judgement (& Punishment)"
4. "Retrospection"
5. "Pausing Death"
6. "Noah"
7. "Home Back"
8. "The Prophecy"
9. "IainnereP"

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