Jinjer will released their Wallflowers album this Friday (Aug. 27), but before that fans will get one final tease of the new record with the band delivering a pretty cinematic and action-packed video for the song "Wallflower" off the record.

The band turned to director Basil Pereverzev for the video, which features singer Tatiana Shmayluk being pursued after making off with a mysterious box, eventually finding refuge and eventually unleashing its contents.

“As the director Basil Pereverzev told us 'Never give up and act in due course with the forces of the reality you have chosen for yourself,'" stated the group. "'Wallflower' is one of a kind. This is a song we have lived through time and time again. Every single note, every percussion hit, every word Tatiana sings is well-thought through and shines. And the story which rolls out in the video is the best compliment to this song. Definitely the most multilayered work we have delivered sonically and visually. We hope that our fans can also relate the video and take something meaningful from it as well.”

As for the song itself, it's a hypnotic and mesmerizing vocal that builds slowly to a bold and forceful catharsis, unleashing an overwhelming heaviness. The song's epic nature makes it one of the new album's definite standouts.

And as for that new album, it's a definite step forward for Jinjer. “Growing creatively has always been a major goal for us. The day Jinjer stops reaching for new musical horizons will be our last day as a band," says bassist Eugene Abdukhanov. "We could have churned out what our peers expected us to do, or produce Pisces clones without end, but we’ve never done that and we never will. Instead, we wrote an album whose level of emotions range from the fiercest aggression we’ve ever had, to the most intricate melodies and melancholic vibes you could ever get from our music. We decided to rip apart all possible stylistic boundaries without regard to financial success or competing with our previous albums. Wallflowers is a different kind of album musically and visually. It’s about our identity as a band, as individuals and a clear statement that we are different from most artists… and that it is OK to do your own thing.”

You can pick up Jinjer's Wallflowers album here and once you take it in, the band will be touring this fall. They start off overseas in Russia on Sept. 9 before coming stateside for dates with Suicide Silence and All Hail the Yeti kicking off Oct. 22 in Seattle. That run will keep them on the road in North America well into December, so catch them at a town near you. Dates and ticketing details can be found at their website.

Jinjer, "Wallflower"

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